About Us


Founded in 2014, and based in Southern California, Æ is built on a powerful and enduring marriage of creativity and engineering precision, diverse U.S. networks and deep European roots, engineering innovation and translation expertise, dynamic problem solving and upper management; translating into high-quality publications on research in sciences and humanities, with love for detail.


Æ takes its roots from one of the letters of the Furthorc alphabet, i.e. ᚫ which also used to represent an ash-tree, hence the name of the letter, æsc, or, in modern spelling, ash.

An ever-green tree, ash is a symbol of power and endurance; accurately indicative of the influence of our authors and their lasting contributions to their fields with the works we partner with them to publish.

Another meaning associated with this name is a boat or a light vessel to sail. Its extended meanings included law, statute, custom, life, matrimony and rite, on the one hand, and a river or stream, on the other. All potential images for the vessel or means that carries our author’s word out into the world (cf. Bosworth-Toller 1898)


We offer distribution in the Polish and American markets, both in print and e-editions. We know which doors to knock at and where to advertise your book for other scholars to find it.

With American ISBNs, your book will be indexed in American and European libraries and bookstores at a mouse-click (to include the United States Library of Congress).